BAWA Medicare

The BAWA Medicare scheme offers members comprehensive private medical insurance for curable medical conditions. Medicare gives you the peace of mind that should you become ill you can be treated quickly by expert staff. BAWA members are able to cover themselves and their immediate family at the rates below:

Cover Cost per month
Adult  £87.95
Under 21s £32.55
Over 65s £237.50

Between the ages of 21-65 there is no increase in premium rate due to your age and you will not be penalised with higher premium rates for needing to use your cover. No medical examination is necessary.

Remember not all healthcare insurance schemes are the same even if they sound similar!

What our policy holders say


"Medicare gives us peace of mind."

"It's the best value we could find for the cover."

"No messy examination is necessary."

Medicare Benefits In Detail

In-Patient & Day Care
Nursing & Accommodation Tick Full Cover
Operating theatre/recovery room Tick Full Cover
Prescribed medicines & drugsN.B: The above are not covered if prescribed to take home following an in-patient or Day Care stay. Tick Full Cover
Diagnostic procedures Tick Full Cover
Consultations Tick Full Cover
Physiotherapy Tick Full Cover
Surgeons & Anaesthetists' fees Tick Full Cover
Specialist physicians' fees Tick Full Cover
Out-Patient Services
Out-patient physiotherapy is limited to ten sessions on GP referral. Thereafter, referrals must be made by Specialist/Consultant. £1,400
Per person per policy year
Emergency Overseas Medical Treament & Repatriation
Extension of the UK benefits in the event of a medical emergency overseas. Cover is limited to trips not exceeding 90 days (17 days for winter sports).N.B: this does not remove the need for a full travel insurance plan for overseas journeys. £50,000
Per trip

This is only a summary of the benefits provided. Please see the individual Benefits Schedules and Plan Terms and Conditions for full details.


For more details on BAWA Medicare cover please read the Medicare Terms & Conditions, or contact Anne Andrew on 0117 987 2315, RR 96831 or Airbus 62361.