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About the BAWA House Clinic

TheBAWA House Clinicis celebrating 10 years of taking care of theAirbus, Rolls Royce and associated companiesworking as the chosen provider for theBAWA Health Schemeoffering a complete range of healthcare services. Care services are shown below.

On your initial visit a thorough case history will be documented followed by an appropriate examination. Our aim is to identify the underlying cause of your condition and not simply treat symptoms.

How We Can Help You

All of the conditions below are manageable using Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropody, exercise and postural management - treating the cause as well as the symptoms. For any questions about your condition, please call us to discuss the fastest, most thorough route back to full health.

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We specialise in the treatment of the following ailments:

Back and Leg Pain

Four out of five people suffer with back pain, normally due to injury of the muscles and ligaments and less frequently the disc associated with the vertebral joints. The injury to the spine can be due to a lift twist injury with rapid onset of pain or slow onset of pain due to poor posture and muscular support. In severe cases the nerve can becomes trapped resulting in leg pain often called a "slipped disc" or sciatica.

Excessive sitting can cause an irritation to the pelvic joints known as the sacroilliac joints results in buttock pain and leg pain.


These have many causes, most commonly originating from a problem with your neck resulting in referred pain to the head via muscles and nerves, caused by abnormal movement of joints of the neck. This tends to cause headaches at the back of the skull and above the eyes. Headaches that occur at the front, top and side of the head can be due to alteration in blood supply to the head.

Neck and Arm Pain

Poor posture at your PC and whiplash injury are the most common causes. The head weighs between 12/15 pounds and the neck has to support this weight. A poor posture puts increased strain on the joints and muscles of the neck which causes pain in the neck, shoulders and sometimes headaches. A car accident causes the head to be thrown backwards and forwards again injuring the neck and symptoms ensue more quickly. Sometimes nerves can become trapped which results in arm pain and tingling in the fingers.

Redland House Clinic

Shoulder Pain

This is often due to a injury to the small muscles of the shoulder which rotate the arm known as the rotator cuff developing tendonitis. This is caused by lifting objects at arms length, or manual work like scraping a wall whilst decorating. The first signs of shoulder problems are noticed when trying to put on a coat, sleeping or changing gear.

Wrist Pain

RSI repetitive sprain injury is an inflammatory condition of the tendons which move the fingers and can occur following excessive typing at a PC.

Sports Injuries

Tennis and Golfers Elbow

These are due to tendonitis of the muscles of the forearm which bend the wrist and using a screw driver or lifting a kettle may be painful.

Knee Pain

This is due to cartilage or ligamentous damage following a twist injury and may come on rapidly. If knee pain develops more slowly, it is often due to muscle imbalance or misalignment of the foot, caused by pronating or flat feet. Our physiotherapist works with our podiatrist.

Ankle Pain

A sprained ankle involves injury to the ligaments and is often traumatic in origin, however slower onset of pain is often due to foot misalignment.

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Foot Pain

This is usually due to foot misalignment, flat feet or high arches putting an increased strain on the joints of the foot.

Achilles Tendonitis

This is normally due to overuse injury caused by running.