Chiropractor James Scrimshaw is located in the clinic on Westbury-On-Trym High Street, and is offering a 20% discount to BAWA members. 

He has 20 years clinical experience treating BAWA Members for work and lifestyle related back pain, neck pain and sports injuries, and has worked with Airbus, Rolls, Bae Systems, MBDA and numerous other companies to promote employee wellbeing. 

There are additional clinics in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, and Portishead for those who commute from Somerset.

James believes that the key to good healthcare is for the patient to truly understand their condition, clearly identifying its causes and to have a realistic expectation of the treatment/healing process with serious emphasis on prevention. Once you have that information you can then make an informed decision on the best way forward.

The initial consultation is where information is gathered which is required to come to those conclusions. Treatment is hands on and uses soft tissue and manipulative techniques perfected over 2 decades to stimulate the body’s healing process and normalise the poor function that lead to the injury.

For more information click here. Call 0117 9596531 or 07796 302624 to speak to me directly.