The BAWA Medicare scheme offers members comprehensive private medical insurance for curable medical conditions.

Medicare gives you the peace of mind that should you become ill you can be treated quickly by expert staff. BAWA members are able to cover themselves and their immediate family at the rates below:


Cost per month

Adult £87.95
Under 21s £32.55
Over 65s £237.50

Between the ages of 21-65 there is no increase in premium rate due to your age and you will not be penalised with higher premium rates for needing to use your cover. No medical examination is necessary.

Remember not all healthcare insurance schemes are the same even if they sound similar!

What is BAWA Medicare?

BAWA Medicare is a medical insurance policy designed to enable you to receive medical diagnosis and treatment for curable medical conditions that arise after you join.

Designed to cover the cost of private in-patient treatment and offers members a generous outpatient allowance.

Medicare Benefits In Detail

BAWA Medicare provides cover for eligible in-patient and out-patient treatment.

This includes benefits for in-patient accommodation, theatre fees, diagnostic procedures and surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ fees.

It also includes out-patient services up to £1,400 per policy year.

The above is only an overview of the benefits, please see the Benefits Table to the left for a detailed benefit summary

In-Patient & Day Care

Total Cost

Nursing & Accommodation Full Cover
Operating theatre/recovery room Full Cover

Prescribed medicines & drugs
N.B: The above are not covered if prescribed to take home following an in-patient or Day Care stay.

Full Cover
Diagnostic procedures Full Cover
Consultations Full Cover
Physiotherapy Full Cover
Surgeons & Anaesthetists’ fees Full Cover
Specialist physicians’ fees Full Cover

Out-Patient Services

Total Cost

Out-patient physiotherapy is limited to ten sessions on GP referral. Thereafter, referrals must be made by Specialist/Consultant. £1,400 Per person per policy year


Who can join Medicare?

Who can join Medicare?

Anyone aged 18 years and over who is a member of BAWA can join, together with any member of their immediate family. Partners need not be married.

How do I join?

Simply contact our Medicare advisor, who will then send you a Medicare application form for you to complete and return to BAWA. As sson as we receive this form we will then organise payments with you or your payroll department as appropriate.

If I need treatment how do I claim?

You will need to contact our Medicare advisor who will then send you a referral form for both you and your GP to complete. Soon after you return the completed form to us you will receive your appointment with a consultant.

The claim procedure is very straight forward and payment is made directly to the hospital, so you don’t have to pay out yourself and later reclaim the money.

Medicare Benefits In Detail



BAWA Medicare Plan (pdf document) Download
BAWA Medicare Plan - Policy Benefits (pdf document) Download


For more details on BAWA Medicare cover please read the Medicare Terms & Conditions, or contact Anne Andrew on 0117 987 2315, RR 96831 or Airbus 62361.