We are one of the largest associations of its kind in the West of England.

As one of the largest associations of its kind in the West of England, BAWA provides members with a wide range of excellent services, facilities, entertainment and events - all at great prices!

If you are NOT an employee of one of the constituent companies, and therefore not eligible for membership to be paid through your payroll department, you can become a Non-Payroll Deducted member (NPD) where you will receive all the benefits listed on the right.

The contributions are £25.95  per month, you will receive all Healthcare Benefits and be able to join Medicare and our Prize Draw, and have access to all the Social and Entertainment at BAWA and the Affiliated clubs.

You are also entitled to pay to use all the sporting facilities that BAWA has to offer.

If you are not a constituent company employee and do not wish to become a full NPD member you can also still take advantage of BAWA's great facilities through our social & recreational membership.

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If you feel your employer would be interested in becoming a constituent company of BAWA allowing its employees to enjoy full membership, please contact Sue Fenton on 0117 976 8064. Sue.Fenton@bawaleisure.co.uk

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