BAWA full membership entitles you to claim hundreds of pounds cash back every year on everyday healthcare expenditure, helping you to keep fit and healthy and assisting recovery if you become ill. 

Full membership costs little more than a pint of lager or glass of wine a week! Our most commonly claimed benefits are listed below left. Scroll down for the complete list in the panel below.

What our members say

"An easy way to spread the cost of my contact lenses & dental bills"

"My husband can claim for physiotherapy through my membership."

"BAWA Healthcare benefits have been a lifesaver recently..."


Healthcare Benefits in Detail

  • Medical Fees Benefit: Up to £290  in any period of 52 weeks.
    Medical Consultation and treatment,  Health Checks and Chiropody. Benefit is claimable for members, Qualifying Relatives or Qualifying Children, from the total amount.
    Surgical / Medical Appliances: Payment equal to current prescription charge for standard surgical/medical appliances and 50% of the cost of a special appliance. Includes a qualifying relative or child.
    Prepayment Prescription Certificate: 50% of cost.
    Home Help: Medically necessitated in the Member's home.
    Health Admin Charges: Includes a qualifying relative.
  • Spectacles: 100% of costs up to £150 in any period of 52 weeks for prescribed spectacles, contact lenses and eye tests.
  • Dental: 100% of costs up to £150 in any period of 52 weeks for dental treatment and examinations undertaken at a dental practice.
  • Bereavement Grant (for the death of persons under 65 unless employed at a Constituent Company): Death of a member £750, Death of a qualifying relative £2,250, Death of a qualifying child £2,250.
  • Financial Assistance: Members experiencing financial hardship due to special circumstances can apply to the Special Cases Panel for a discretionary grant.

Medical Fees Benefit

When claiming for Medical Fees Benefit could members please ensure that the Practitioner is fully registered with a relevant body recognised with the National Health Service or the British Medical Authority.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us before treatment to check if you are eligible to claim.

Benefits Scheme Rules, Regulations and Requirements

  • There is an initial qualifying period of thirteen weeks from commencement or recommencement of membership subscriptions, during which time claims cannot be paid or accrued.
  • This waiting period is waived following a break in membership of less than 26 weeks but a Member’s claims history will still be considered.
  • Valid claims must be completed on the current prescribed application form, available from BAWA Healthcare & Leisure, various onsite locations or via our website.
  • A printed receipt of payment showing the full names of the recipient of the treatment and the practitioner together with the date and type of treatment should accompany claims for reimbursement of expenditure made. Any hand-written receipt should bear the practitioner’s company stamp.
  • Claims can only be considered if the date of treatment is within 52 weeks of receipt of the completed claim form.
  • BAWA reserves the right to alter the range and/or the amounts available within the scheme. The current list of Benefits, is available in the induction packs, can be requested from the administrative office or alternatively, viewed on our site or via the intranet systems of our main constituent companies.
  • Payment for Home Help within Medical Fees can only be made for a proven medical necessity for home help. Claims should be accompanied with medical evidence such as a letter from the member’s GP.
  • Benefits expressed as an annual amount (ie: in any 52 week period) are calculated on a rolling year basis. Amounts claimed in the 52 week period leading up to and including the date of treatment that is being claimed cannot exceed the benefit levels quoted on the Benefit List.
  • The date of treatment will be primarily used to calculate the amount due based on the details quoted on a receipt. Delayed submission or payment will not increase the amount payable by BAWA Healthcare and Leisure.
  • BAWA Healthcare and Leisure reserves the right to check the details of any claim submitted and will take action against members considered to be attempting to make a fraudulent claim.


Please note that expenses incurred relating to COVID-19 are not covered under the Benefit Scheme.

It is the responsibility of the member to inform BAWA Healthcare & Leisure of any changes to employment, address or personal details.


Read more detailed health benefits terms.

For more details phone the Benefits Office on 0117 976 8064, RR 96831 or Airbus 62361


Qualifying Period

There is an initial 13 week period of membership during which claims may neither be made nor accrued.

Qualifying Relative

The Qualifying Relative is the spouse or live-in partner. For single members the Qualifying relative is the sole surviving parent.

Partner is defined as a person who lives with the member in an enduring relationship.

Single members with both or neither parents alive do not have a Qualifying Relative.

For more information see Benefits list.

Qualifying Child

A Qualifying Child is a member’s child under the age of 18 years at the time of treatment.

Upper Age Limit

There is no upper age limit in membership categories: Age is not a barrier to participation in the Benefits scheme, (except for the Bereavement Grant, see above).