Tickets & Seating Info

Ticket Information

All tickets are non refundable and cannot be exchanged for a different event once purchased.  Unfortunately we are unable to replace lost tickets or offer a 'buy back and re-sell service'.  If you do not have your ticket you will not be able to gain entry.

Unless specified otherwise, there is a minimum age of 14 years on all our entertainment nights.

When our entertainment nights are sold out, there will be no tickets available on the night.

Exact stage times of the acts are often decided a few days before the show so we do not advertise them in advance, however you can call us to find out more information during the week before.  Most acts go on stage between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

Seating Information

We want everyone to enjoy their night out and there is always enough seating in the Ballroom and Concorde Room for all tickets sold, however please note that all seating and tables on our entertainment nights are unreserved and unallocated.

Doors open at 7pm [6.45pm for Leisure Members] and our entertainment nights get very busy, very early so we always recommend that all of your party arrive at 7pm to ensure you all sit together.  If you arrive later in the evening, whilst there is always seating, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit together, especially larger groups.

Seating in the alcoves/booths have a minimum number of seating and signage is displayed to inform guests of the number as each booth is different.  If there is less than the minimum number sat in one of the booths, you will be asked to share.

Please call us in advance if you like to speak to someone regarding attending an event and wish to discuss your accessibility requirements.